I offer a variety of Kitchen Workshops, that can be booked privately or for a small group:

Smoothie Workshop  (1 hour)

Smoothies are a quick and easy breakfast idea, a great post work out meal, a cool summer treat, and a great way to add fruits and vegetables into your and your families diet. If you are looking for a quick, easy and delicious way to add more fruits and vegetables into your diet this workshop is for you.

Probiotic power – make your own! (2 hours)

Probiotics are a big help for a healthy gut. We all see plenty of advertisement making such claims. However, the sugary probiotic drinks from the supermarket won’t do you too much good. Learn how homemade fermented foods and drinks are much more effective and simple to make.

Bustling Breakfasts (2 hours)

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, having a big influence on how well your kids will be able to concentrate at school! Would you like to get new ideas to for a great start of the day? Make breakfast an enjoyable meal that can keep you and your kids going till lunchtime, without spending too much time in the kitchen. In this class you will learn what foods give you energy as well as get ideas and suggestions for breakfasts that your family will love, and taste them too!

Healthy Sweet treats (2 hours)

Has Halloween sucked your family into a sugar-roller coaster that is likely to continue into the December Holidays? Would you like to find ways so your children can enjoy sweet treats whilst avoiding the negative side effects? With this class I help you to understand the effects of sugar and support you in adopting creative and effective ways to reduce the allure of colorful packages filled with, as Michael Pollan says: “food-like substances.” You will taste and get recipes for sweet treats that you and your kids will love!

Sushi Workshop (2 hours)

Sushi is healthy, fun to make and can be filled with many kinds of foods – not just raw fish! When you have never made sushi it may seem a bit scary to try, but after this workshop you will surely feel confident to make it at home as well.



1-hour workshop: 1 person 75 sfr, two persons 40 sfr each, 3 or more persons 30 sfr each.

2-hour workshops: 1 person 150 sfr, two persons 80 sfr each, 3 or more persons 60 sfr each.